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Zousug & Magik Ninja's Skyrim Mod Shop

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Hi Every one,

I have Skyrim on the PC with all the DLC's (Dragonborn is downloading at the moment)

So I will be offering save edits to any one who wants them.

Please Note that this does not include the stuff the editor does.

I will do the following.

1) Force marriage characters
2) Force change npc cloths (NOTE it works best if the cloths is better then the default)
3) enable all map locations - this will show all map markers and make all able to fast travel.
4) Resurrect npcs (if you accidentally kill a NPC you need save the game and I can resurrect them)
4) add all shouts (you still have to learn them it just makes them available)
5) make NPC 'essential' (this is done in force marriage but can be done on any npc)

Can also do requests.

If you would like me to mod a save for you with the above (or custom stuff *keeping in mind that this does not include what SAIO does. I WILL NOT do these*) please post you save game here (use mediafire or something else like this) and what you would like done to the save.

Ninja can also make changes as well :)

Magik Ninja

Magik Ninja

    Professional Guinea pig

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:) i can make these same changes and as well will NOT do anything SAIO does as it is a waste of my time

Note:can also change your characters gender


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http://www.mediafire...rgivio8idqzd4qm Ok so all i need is the powers from here http://www.uesp.net/...agonborn:Powers and if possible could you make shout damage stronger and add all map markers. Thanks.

Also do you guys know how to remove the ugly facial effects from becoming a vampire lord.


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hey dan,

sorry for the delay in reply got court up with college studies.

What dlc do you have and if possible what order were they installed in?
ill get the powers added for you as soon as your next reply :)

is this pre cc? (character creation) dont know how it will go with pre cc but will give it a go haha (never done one)

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