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Skyrim Mod: Become High King of Skyrim


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So I have been doing my normal reading and looking around and found a new mod for the PC version of Skyrim.

This mod allows you to become the High King of Skyrim and adds a number of new features to the game including

order people to:
- bow to you/dance for you
- give you all their possessions
- become your bodyguard (follower)
- force anyone to fall in love with you and become a potential marriage candidate regardless of gender
- instantly kill your target with the Thuum
- promote people to various social standings
- invite people to live in your castle
- sentence anyone to death by execution
- sentence anyone to death in the arena
- sentence any 2 NPC's to fight each other to the death in the arena
- punish people by sending them to work in the slave labor mines
- have people imprisoned

and more.

This mod seems awsome, I only wish they allowed adding mods to the xbox so I can play it :(

But for you PC gamers you can find it here

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